Studio Reveal

August 01, 2021  •  1 Comment

Wow! I really left the reveal hanging for far too long! 

After I moved into the stdio I got busy creating and adding to it over the last few months and didn't give you the reveal! 

I am so happy that I have this space to call my photography home. I have been able to share it with many other artists and its been a long time dream come true. 

As I mentioned before its located in an adorable downtown Victoria Heritage Building. My studio is quite separate from the rest of the businesses with access to the studio from an outdoor spiral staircase. It adds to the quaint and private feeling. 


I was able to have really simple renovations done by the building owners to make it bright and perfect. We painted the walls a nice clean white with a feature wall along the back of the space painted in my branding colour which is such a pretty aqua!



One of the things that had me the most excited was that it had two small rooms in the back. One I could use for storage and the other was perfect to make into a wardrobe storage and change room. I have been collecting wardrobe pieces for over ten years now. They have been stored in suitcases and boxes in our home for all of those years. My husband used to tease me and ask me why I needed to keep and collect so many things. I would always say, "one day I will have a studio to put them in". And now I do! 

I wanted it to be a versatile space for myself and other artists. One corner is set up for Boudoir or Lifestyle with a bed and bedding, an area rug and bedside table to make it a full set. 

Near the front door is a sofa and coffee table which can be used to shoot or for consultations and reveals. I was pretty excited to find this colour in velvet! 

One wall is home to backdrops on a pulley system. Three colours to choose from with some basic continual lighting gear to create those classic studio looks. 

A large majority of what I shoot is on location so the studio also needed to be a home base where we could comfortably get ready for shoots. Previously it was my kitchen table for hair and makeup or a clients own home. 

The vintage vanity seemed like a good idea but I quickly realized that it just didn't provide enough space when a makeup artist needed to spread everything out. The vanity is now more of a shooting prop and pretty furniture now that there is big hair and makeup station there to use with a large countertop and storage. 


The other thing that I wanted for the studio was a variety of seating options for shoots. Some were purchased, some picked up as freebies on the curb (its a big thing here in Victoria...treasures to be found!), some were listed on marketplace. The variety definitely keeps the options interesting! 


While I think that the entire studio will always be a work in progress or evolving the one place that still needs a lot of love is my office space. I hope to one day be so busy that I will be spending a lot of time there but for now I am still doing my editing and offie work from home. The studio office will one day be just as cute as the rest of the studio! 

I am excited to have a home base and a beautiful place to share with fellow artists! 





Charmaine McManus(non-registered)
I absolutely love it!!! I cannot wait to visit!!
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