Breaking in the Studio!

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Knowing that the majority of my work was shot out on location I was excited to set up some shoots for myself to break in the studio. I wanted to have more studio work to add to my portfolio. 

I wrote down my ideas in one of my many notebooks, searched through my wardrobe or inspiration and put out some model calls. 

I ended up with a few less than I had initially planned but there were enough to keep me busy over two weekends! 

It was good to push myself back into using studio lighting to achieve a different look than what I usually do when I shoot outside in natural light. It allowed me to play with the photos differently in photoshop as well. Overall it was an exciting time as I celebrated my new space, learned my way around and once again met new and interesting faces! 

I started the studio sessions with Ace. I met him randomly and thought I would love to photograph him. He had this amazing quiet energy that is totally opposite to me and it brought a different flow to my work which was very welcomed. 


Ace in Studio


Next up was the adorable AJ. This is my friends son and he couldn't have been more fun to photograph! He had a goofy personality and kept me laughing the whole time. He was able to give me the serious moody photos I was looking for but was also playful and so capable of taking direction and delivering. Keep in mind he was only 7 years old! The little ones pull it off every time! 



I then moved into the girls sessions and some pretty and soft themes. Kiana came to me from a model call. I fell in love with her gorgeous hair! 

I enlisted the help of an up and coming young stylist Finn to do her hair and Emily Reese Makeup Artistry  to give us an age appropriate makeup application. She was sweet and perfect for this theme. She has some modelling aspirations so this was a perfect opportunity for her to get her feet wet in a professional setting. 



Ainsley was another random model call and she was exactly the face I had pictured in my mind. I had a butterfly theme on my mind for years and while this was not how I pictured my concept originally I thought it would be really pretty. I had Disney Princess energy with her through the whole shoot. Can Disney just make a Butterfly Princess please? 

We added some very minimal makeup with Emily Reese Makeup Artistry  and her fun hair was done by Hair by Alanda



I met this next model randomly also and was totally inspired by her beautiful face and her incredible hair. It's so exciting when you ask random strangers if they will model for you and they say yes! I had purchased her top for 50 cents at a local theatre wardrobe sale and had been waiting (as usual) for the right moment to use it. It was totally sheer so I embellished it with dollar store fabric flowers and pearls to make it more modest. The skirt I had a made for a previous shoot and the shorts have also been used multiple times and have lived in my wardrobe collection for many many years. A great wardrobe look doesn't have to break the bank and can look amazing in finished photos! 

This woman has my dream hair and the talented Philip Ferreira , owner of The Natural Hair Salon , perfected it for this shoot. We decided to go a little more creative with the makeup and Emily Reese Makeup Artistry came up with the idea of pearls to coordinate with the top and the pink monochromatic tones were stunning on Courtney! 



I had a whole theme picked out for lil Sabrina. Bought a new dress and fresh red pears for it too. Then her mom walked into the studio with these incredible dresses from The Paper Doll Clothing Company and I fell in love! 
I still photographed her in the dress I bought but these ones with her very own dress quickly became my favourite. 
When I realized that this was the third session I was using the grey chair for it was my motivation to make sure I had many more options as I moved forward with life in the studio. I did her hair myself and just gave her a little bit of mascara to frame her eyes. Nothing crazy for the itty bitty ones. 



The very last session I shot to break in the studio was with my friend Stephen. He has his professional career and has been performing in a band and in theatre and movies also. I figured he would be a natural in front of the camera. 

For this one I decided we would take advantage of the area right outside the studio overlooking Odeon Alley. Its a super cute space with trees and a view of the surrounding city buildings. Its like my own private balcony. Bonus, the studio is right beside the Cineplex Movie Theatre and a Jamaican restaurant so it smells really yummy out there!




Studio sessions could never fully replace my desire to find and shoot at amazing locations but it is so nice to have the option available to me now! 











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