The Studio - Part 2

August 23, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Well 2020 continues to be a year of craziness! 

For so many this year has been a tough one. I feel extremely lucky that after deciding 2020 was going to be my year it continues to bring positivity into my life. After feeling so lucky and excited about the home studio that we built we got the shocking news that we would have to move. Our home was supposed to be a long term rental so we felt confident that creating the studio was a worthwhile investment. The owners of our home were living and working in California and decided that the atmosphere there with Covid and the situation there they just had to come home to Canada where they could feel safer. Who could blame them!? 

The news was upsetting even though we fully understood the reason why we had to move. I had only shot one formal session in my cute home studio and I was sad that I wouldn't get to use it anymore. I had to let it go and focus on finding a new home for my family as we had only two months to move out. My husbands employer heard the news and was so sweetly empathizing for my loss of the studio. He also just happens to own various commercial buildings around the city and asked my husband what kind of space I needed for a studio. He looked into empty spaces in his buildings and came up with one that he thought was suitable. He arranged for us to go view and I have to admit that I arrived feeling skeptical that it would work. It was a great location in downtown Victoria inside a super cute heritage building. I was trying not to get my hopes up in case it was not right. 

I had to look beyond the old carpet and the clutter currently in there with the tenant but I immediately knew that I could make it work. There is a separate outdoor entrance looking over a cute alley, plenty of  space to create a boudoir set, a backdrop area, space for seating for consults and meetings, storage room for props, a small room to create a walk-in wardrobe/changing room and a small kitchen/office space. I tried to contain my excitement but immediately started to talk about how I would set everything up! I knew it would work and I was beyond excited and hopeful that I would finally get the commercial space in Downtown Victoria that I had been dreaming of. Is it my absolute dream studio. No....but its one step closer and that is such an amazing place to be! I am so so grateful for Max at Yentel Properties looking out for me and for the undying support of husband to help me build my dream! 

Here is what it looks like now....stay tuned for the after photos! 



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