Virtual Portrait Session

May 23, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

During the Covid isolation I was kept busy working on building the studio and it very much occupied my thoughts. Once it was finished though the desire to shoot was so strong! I probably could have gotten away with an outdoor shoot and kept to social distancing rules but that has been kind of a controversial topic in the photography world and I decided I should just avoid it. Besides....we all know I can't just throw something together without involving hair stylists and/or makeup artists! 

Another trend started in the world of photography and when I saw what others were doing I thought I just had to give it a shot. I wish that I could say it was my idea but it certainly was not. Around the same time that I was thinking it would be a fun idea I got a message from a friend with an inspiration photo of a session that she thought she would like to do. I knew she had a super cute home and that a virtual session would be great with her. I asked her to experiment with me, she agreed and we started planning! 

I dropped off tulle skirts....yes of course tulle skirts what else....and we had a facetime call to go through her closet to pick things to wear from her wardrobe. It wasn't my usual method of planning but I was just as excited! As usual my wheels start turning and the ideas start flowing as soon as an idea is in place. We picked our shoot day and that was that! 

So....on shoot day we got into a facetime call and started to try to set up shots. The challenge was that I obviously was not there to set up her phone to get the right angles and positions. The model ends up moving furniture and and trying several times setting up the phone and going back and forth to the pose to get it just right. Thank you to Ally for being such a good sport! If I did another session this way I would have them prepare the space a little more by advising them about how to clear the area we will shoot in of extra things that could interfere with shots etc. 

The quality of the photos over facetime from phone to screen shot is not what I would normally produce but it was a ton of fun and I think we got some very cute results! 









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