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April 23, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Since very early in my career I've had dreams of having my own studio. The thing is....I dream BIG! My dream studio will be the most amazing ever. I have written ideas and a Pinterest board dedicated to my dream studio. Everyone from everywhere will flock to my dream studio. "Build it and they will come!"

I got to the point where I knew I needed to make something happen here in Victoria and had to come to terms with knowing my dream studio may never be, or may take a long time to become a realty. In the mean time I thought I should try to do something, even if it was a small starter space. I looked at commercial spaces around Victoria and found one in a location that I have wished to be in since my very first visit here. It didn't work out and that was a good thing. I realized that I wasn't ready for that kind of commitment and I needed to build my business and do more marketing first. My very supportive husband suggested that we convert the shop in our yard into a studio. I was a little hesitant at first because I can never envision the final product when I am looking at a dirty old shop filled with tools and sawdust. With a small investment that would give me a studio without a lot of monthly overhead it very quickly got me excited to get my hands dirty and start the clean out and demo so we could get started. 

We started the demo and plans not long before Covid-19 came around and forced us into a life of social distancing. Plugging away at jobs that needed to be done has kept us busy. Let's be honest though I was more of an assistant handing my husband tools and doing the clean up and he did the hard work that gave us some sweat equity into the project. We had a team of professionals doing the big stuff and I am thankful for their time. 

It's actually a really good size for my first studio. Many photographers have made due with a cramped space in corners of their homes and I get a space that is separate from the house, that has room for studio backdrop rolls, a bed for a boudoir area, wardrobe rack and vanity for getting ready and still with room to spare! It's very exciting and I can't wait to share it with clients! 

It was finished this week and I am so excited! It is now ready to furnish! 

Really really looking forward to being able to share this with others and get clients to photograph in there. As soon as these restrictions are lifted it will happen! 

Here is the final product before furniture and decor and some before and progress photos. 


A big thank you to:

TJ Duplessis

Precision Pro Painters

Alen Wright Enterprises

Benton & Overbury






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