The Cornfield Maze

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One of the great things about my photography journey has been connecting with talented people. I have met so many amazing makeup artists, hairstylists, models and photographers. Working with them has been inspiring and helped me learn a lot. Collaborating with other artists for TFP (time for photos) sessions has been a wonderful time to learn, grow, socialize and create. 

One of my favourite connections has been with an old friend that I knew back when we were in our first careers in the beauty industry. We each moved away from the workplace where we met and lost contact. With the dawn of Facebook we reconnected and I learned that she had also changed her path into photography. At the time I was just starting and she had already been at it for a little while. It wasn't surprising since she had always loved the world of fashion! We didn't live in the same province but she would come to the Edmonton area for visits and photo shoots and she started inviting me along. 

 Charmaine McManus Photography shared tips and information that she had learned along the way and I was so thankful for the boost in my knowledge! 

Charmaine would arrange models, makeup artists, wardrobe and locations and invite me along. I didn't work on or publish many of the photos I took because I was mostly along for the socializing and fun of shooting. 

With the pandemic hitting and social distancing in place I have not been able to go out on any new shoots. I decided I needed to dig back in the archives to see what I had in there to work on.

I found this session arranged by Charmaine that we shot back in 2016. 



We shot at a Cornfield Maze near Leduc AB in the fall. We started in front of the corn with three different dresses Charmaine brought along. Its always awesome working with experienced models that know how to move, pose and create a mood. It really just elevates the session. We lucked out and had amazing light to shoot in as well. A photographers obsession....great light! 



After we used the cornfield we took a walk around the area to see what else we could find since Charmaine had brought two other outfits to photograph. 

I loved this cute weathered building that was there. The colour was perfect for the wardrobe we were shooting next. Loved the soft tones. 

The interesting thing about shooting with other photographers is that we see different things and we have different styles. I don't think Charmaine had too much interest in this wall but she has more of a fashion/beauty style in comparison to me. I love that the same model and location can give such different inspiration and final products. 


This spot stopped me dead in my tracks! The light was phenomenal and I loved the way the trees were framing the path! I am also a sucker for bare feet. She was actually wearing a pair of pumps so once Charmaine had gotten her shots I got her to kick them off for a totally different mood! 



Then one last bit of a wardrobe change. The wardrobe colour and our model Jordan's skin tone and hair colour were just so beautiful together! The dark lips our makeup artist, Karin, chose popped and looked amazing. Its these little details that really pull the whole thing together. 



I look forward to the day when travel is allowed and I can make a trip back to Alberta and meet up with my friend once again. 

Until then I am thankful for her mentorship, talent and friendship! 



Model: Jordan La Riviere

MUA: Karin Cohen




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